Plett for Peace

It was another bright and early morning with perfect weather to wash the horses in preparation for their second public appearance, just a week after their first. The Plett for Peace festival was held at Main Beach on 3 November 2013 with live music, food and festivities. Being quite a bit further than the last event, it was too far for the horses to pull the carriage all the way there and back with public rides in between, and so, allowing enough time to arrive on schedule, the horses were saddled up and ridden to the venue and the carriage towed on its trailer.

With music playing, cars parking and crowds gathering to meet the big horses, they were harnessed and hitched to the carriage without incident or fuss. Popular with the crowd, Mandla and Storm carted numerous groups of people around the parking lot, up to the main road where Mandla would neigh at his reflection in the glass of store windows, and then back down past the entertainment tents.  In between rides, the horses nibbled on grass from the back of the bakkie, sipped water and were spoiled with carrots – and much attention from festival goers. Young and old were eager to take a trip in the luxury coach pulled by the two strong and willing Percherons who took all the noise, traffic and excitement in their stride.

When the day was done and everything packed away and loaded up for the trip home it was decided that the hard-working horses deserved an easy trip home and so were led back slowly by the two grooms. We welcomed them home with feed and carrots and congratulated them on a great day’s outing.

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